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Training Manual - Pilot Edition

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Training Manual - Pilot Edition

The Literacy Essentials Training Manual is the starting point for all teachers using the Literacy Essentials curriculum. It provides the necessary background for those using the curriculum for the first time, plus resources and supplemental material to support instruction throughout the school year.

The Literacy Essentials Training Manual is designed to accompany a multi-day training course, available from the authors at Access Literacy (www.accessliteracy.com).  

Why is this volume listed as a “Pilot Edition?”

Hillsdale College’s K-12 Education Office is working in conjunction with the curriculum authors at Access Literacy, LLC to introduce the robust, beautiful, and easy-to-use Literacy Essentials curriculum. Beginning in the summer of 2019 we launched pilot editions of the kindergarten curriculum and beta editions of the curriculum for grades 1-3. We have updated the curriculum from beta to pilot by one grade each year and expect to release the 3rd grade pilot in summer 2022. As we receive feedback from teachers, we aim to replace pilot editions with final versions soon. While we are still improving the Literacy Essentials curriculum, all beta and pilot versions are ready to use in classroom and homeschool environments.

Copyright ©2021 Access Literacy, LLC. Published by Hillsdale College.
Original publication date: June 2021

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This volume contains 156 black and white pages with a color cover.

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Training Manual - Pilot Edition

Training Manual - Pilot Edition