The Hillsdale College K-12 Education Office publishes Literacy Essentials: The Journey from Spelling to Reading™ as a companion to its work in elementary schools around the country. The curriculum is a comprehensive literacy program for grades K-3 that combines the sound linguistic theory of an Orton-based literacy program with an easy-to-use format and a beautiful style. Literacy Essentials employs a phonics-based spell-to-read method with instruction in both manuscript and cursive handwriting.

Literacy Essentials is currently available in its pilot form as we gather feedback and improve the program. To order copies of My Orthography Notebook, a student workbook and companion to the Literacy Essentials curriculum, visit www.accessliteracy.com.

Literacy Essentials: The Journey from Spelling to Reading™ (Copyright ©2021 Access Literacy, LLC), is written by Melody Furno and Dorothy Kardatzke of Access Literacy, LLC.

For more information, click on the items below or visit www.journeytoliteracy.com.

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